Identifying and understanding online child sexual exploitation practices and attitudes amongst Australian men


The aim of this project is to inform the development of primary and secondary prevention efforts through a rigorous analysis of the prevalence and attitudinal, behavioural and demographic correlates of Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) offending amongst Australian men.

This two-year research project is funded by Westpac as part of their Safer Children, Safer Communities grant scheme.

The project will:

  1. Measure the prevalence of OCSE offending and risk behaviours and attitudes amongst Australian men aged 16 and above;
  2. Develop robust statistical profiles of undetected offenders and men at risk of offending;
  3. Identify key attitudes and technological practices that facilitate OCSE; and;
  4. Engage with key stakeholders to integrate research findings into efforts to detect offenders by law enforcement and the financial sector, engage men at risk of OCSE, and drive community change to reduce OCSE and keep children safe.

Research team:

  • Dr Michael Salter, UNSW Sydney
  • Professor Justine Nolan, UNSW Sydney
  • Dr Noam Peleg, UNSW Sydney
  • Professor Jan Breckenridge, UNSW Sydney
  • Mr Matt Tyler, Jesuit Social Services
  • Dr Tyson Witten, University of Adelaide

For more information about this project, please contact Lily Halliday, Project Manager at