Through our extensive research, corporate knowledge exchange, and our role advising government on addressing human rights abuses in supply chains, we're transforming the way Australia does business. Our research project, Testing the Effectiveness of Australia's Modern Slavery Act, has already generated significant impact following a review of the Act in 2023.

The Australian Human Rights Institute has been at the forefront of efforts to address sexual violence in Australian universities, with major research projects dating back to 2015. We are now undertaking further research and advocacy that will establish measures to create sustainable and long-term changes to address sexual violence on campuses.

Our philanthropically-funded research project, co-led by The George Institute for Global Health, is helping ensure that Australian health research and science continues to be world leading, prioritises human rights, provides better healthcare outcomes for all Australians, and will demonstrate a reduction in the economic health burden on Australia’s economy.​  

The Institute is prioritising two areas of climate research, including one focused on the impacts of climate change in the Pacific, utilising air pollution data to improve the health outcomes of Pacific communities. Additionally, the Australian Climate Accountability Project aims to accelerate the phase-out of Australia’s coal and LNG exports to slow global warming, protect human rights and deliver a just transition to a sustainable future.  

The Institute has been on the frontline of advocacy for legislated changes to government appointment processes, with a successful campaign to change how Australia selects its human rights commissioners in 2022. Our 2023 national conference also brought together leading thinkers on accountability to work on how to combat the rise of impunity.

Through our Global Student Fellowship program, we're giving students the opportunity to experience paid work in human rights in Australia and internationally with a leading international development or human rights-based organisation. The fellowship provides students with experience in building a career pathway into human rights and development, and to grow their network.