2 Jun

Book launch: The UN Commission on Human Rights ‘A Very Great Enterprise’

Former High Court Justice the Hon. Michael Kirby, Professor Megan Davis and Professor Justine Nolan will join former Secretary to the UN Commission on Human Rights John Pace in conversation about his new book. Register here.

24 Mar

Launch of the CEDAW Implementation Map

Join Dr Janani Shanthosh for the online launch of the CEDAW Implementation Map, a report measuring government action on women’s health and human rights in the Asia-Pacific region. Register for the event here.


3 Dec

Beijing Platform for Action at 25

A conference to mark the occasion of Beijing +25 and to consider the influence of the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in September 1995, and its outcome documents. Read more

30 Nov

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Network - Second Annual Meeting

The workshop aims to strengthen collaboration between scholars and contribute our economic, social and cultural rights expertise to addressing real world problems. Register

24 Nov

What do we know about family violence services and COVID-19?

Hear about how health services have adapted to the challenges of identifying victims of family violence and assisting them during the pandemic. Register

20 Oct

Human Rights Defender Launch - Climate Justice Special Issue

This special issue of Human Rights Defender reminds us that we all have power to make progress on the issue of climate justice. Register

8 Oct

Analysing global COVID-19 statistics and national policies

Whilst confirmed cases of COVID-19 are distributed evenly between men and women, men account for about two-thirds of deaths. In this webinar, we will hear what has been discovered so far.

8 Sep

Masculinity and Merit: debunking myths of political leadership in the pandemic age

During COVID a huge amount of attention has been placed on political leaders, trying to link their gender to their approach to the pandemic. Read more

18 Aug

Stress, anxiety and depression on the COVID-19 health frontline

Working on the frontline of the pandemic takes a huge emotional and physical toll on health workers. Read more

4 Aug

Human Rights Defender Online Launch: The Human Rights of Athletes

This special issue of Human Rights Defender magazine brings to fore the different aspects of athletes’ rights. Register

21 Jul

Above the Law: new forms of accountability for sexual misconduct

How can we better respond to the ongoing harms to people inside the legal profession from many forms of discrimination, including gender-based abuse? Register.

14 Jul

COVID 19: Rules about Gender and Rules with Gendered Effects

This panel will discuss how rules about gender and rules with gender effects have influenced the lives of women and men in different social contexts. Register.

30 Jun

Using FI concepts to understand the Coronavirus pandemic

A reflection on the gender implications of COVID-19 hosted by The Feminist Institutionalism International Network (FIIN). Register

9 Mar

Party Activists and Protest in US Elections

Dr Lee Ann Banaszak is a leading US political scientist who is an expert in social movements. This seminar will focus on research outside the 2016 Republican and Democratic Party Conventions. Register.

3 Dec

Mapping disadvantaged populations: ethical considerations and human rights

Dr Claire Dooley (University of Southampton) presents methods to map population counts, poverty and health indicators, and discusses the ethical considerations of geo-locating potentially vulnerable groups. RSVP

27 Nov

Launch of Human Rights Defender Special Issue on Gender-Based Violence

The Australian Human Rights Institute invites you to the launch of Human Rights Defender Issue 28:3 Special Issue on Gender-Based Violence. Register

12 Nov

Book launch: Arts-Based Methods in Refugee Research

Join Dr Caroline Lenette and guests to celebrate the importance of arts in refugee research. Register

30 Oct

The Art of International Law

A special lecture by leading feminist human rights lawyer, Professor Hilary Charlesworth, in The Big Anxiety Empathy Clinic. Register

30 Oct

Human Rights Violations: The Fake Face of Saudi  Reforms

This seminar will highlight the deteriorating human rights situation in Saudi Arabia and the reality behind the reforms of the Saudi regime. Register now

3 Oct

Danielle Celermajer and The Prevention of Torture

Professor Danielle Celemajer's book, The Prevention of Torture: An Ecological Approach, interrogates the worlds that produce torture in order to propose how to bring about systemic institutional and cultural change. Register

1 Oct

Measuring the Effectiveness of Actions Taken to Address Modern Slavery

A discussion of the challenges and opportunities that exist in monitoring, measuring and evaluating responses to modern slavery risks, intended to help organisations that must report under Australia’s new Modern Slavery Act 2018. Register

10 Sep

Magda Szubanksi: “Thrown to the lions”

With only her sense of humour to defend her, Magda Szubanski has copped some of the worst social media has to offer. How do we survive the cyber marketplace of ideas? This event is part of Social Sciences Week.


10 Sep

What’s the value of a human rights approach in social policy?

What’s the value of a human rights approach in social policy? Register for this special session at the Australian Social Policy Conference 2019.

28 Aug

Reinventing Human Rights: Prof Mark Goodale

Professor Mark Goodale, University of Lausanne, argues that human rights can and should form the basis for both justice-seeking and specific social and institutional action in the future. Register

31 Jul

Human Rights and Documentary Series - The Surgery Ship

The second film in our 'Human Rights and Documentary' series with Documentary Australia Foundation is The Surgery Ship. Buy tickets

18 Jul

Learn@Lunch with Scientia Professor Louise Chappell

In this UNSW Alumni and Engagement Learn@Lunch, Louise Chappell explores why gender justice in the workplace remains an elusive goal. Register

13 Jun

Patricia V Sellers: Gender, Conflict-Related Violence and Justice

An evening in conversation with Patricia V Sellers, Special Advisor for Gender for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, as she considers issues relating to gendered genocide and justice. More

13 Jun

Remembering Rwanda: A journey towards justice and reconciliation

A series of panel discussions considering the challenges and achievements of the ICTR, its relevance for other accountability mechanisms and themes of reconciliation and healing. More

14 May

Innovate Rights Conference 2019

The conference will explore innovations in business and policy, opportunities for business to play a greater role in human rights and solutions to rights challenges that industry is facing. More

22 Feb

Second National Dowry Abuse Summit

The second National Summit continues the campaign to include dowry in the legal framework for domestic violence. More

21 Feb

Forgiveness is the Wrong Word: Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

This talk explores the narrative framework of trauma testimonies and encounters between victims and perpetrators at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa. More

14 Feb

Managing Responsible Supply Chains: Challenges and New Approaches

This seminar showcases the very latest research and policy ideas concerning the responsibilities of firms and governments to ensure fair treatment of employees in supply chains, regardless of the country in which they are employed. More

1 Feb

Human Rights, Distributive Ethics, and Political Economy: Samuel Moyn

This talk tries to make sense of the relation of human rights ideas and mobilisation to evolving forms of political economy in the modern era. More

31 Jan

Workshop: Redistributive Human Rights?

UNSW Sydney will host a workshop that considers the different ways in which the language and frameworks of human rights have been mobilised. More

14 Nov

Modern Slavery: Are the Current Regulatory Responses Modern and Gender Sensitive? Surya Deva

Professor Surya Deva, Vice Chair, United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights​, will share his views on how to improve the current regulatory responses to modern slavery. More


17 Oct

Launching Human Rights Defender: Refugee Voices

This magazine by guest editors Dr Susanne Schmeidl and Isobel Blomfield focuses on the importance of allowing refugees to tell their own stories through different avenues and features contributions from Somalia, Myanmar and Syria. More

8 Aug

Energy access - a human right or a human need?

If we all agree that energy is a human right, why isn’t action on this issue as focused as action on access to food, water or healthcare? Part of Pollinate Energy’s “Ethics of Energy Access and Consumption” talk series. More


6 Aug

The Right Time to Talk: Australia, ASEAN and Human Rights: Debbie Stothard

Debbie Stothard, Secretary-General International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), talks about human rights and diplomacy in Southeast Asia, and opportunities to build a rights-respecting region. More

2 Aug

Launching On Safe Ground: a visual student resource

The On Safe Ground visual student resource has been created for students and staff to continue conversations about how we should respond to and prevent gendered violence on university campuses. More

26 Jul

The History and Future of Universal Human Rights: David P. Forsythe

Professor David P. Forsythe will give a rich exploration of the US contribution to human rights and democracy in the past and point to signs that indicate hard times ahead for human rights around the world. More

26 Jul

International Consultation On Big Data-Open Data

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, Professor Joe Cannataci, holds a two-day international consultation before finalising a report on Big Data-Open Data to the United Nations General Assembly. More

27 Jun

The Army and the Indonesian Genocide: Jess Melvin

Dr Jess Melvin's book, The Army and the Indonesian Genocide: Mechanics of Mass Murder, tells the story of the “Indonesian genocide files,” and previously unheard stories of survivors, perpetrators, and eyewitness of the genocide in Aceh. More


5 Jun

Women, Brexit and Rights: Prospects and Pitfalls - Fiona Mackay

Professor Fiona Mackay assesses the prospects and the pitfalls for gender equality policy and women’s rights in these uncertain times and contingent futures. More


25 May

Gathering the facts about Myanmar rights abuses: Chris Sidoti

Chris Sidoti will discuss the evidence gathered by the UN Human Rights Council Independent International Fact-Finding Mission, the responses of the UN system to the crisis, the urgent need in refugee camps as monsoon season approaches. More

15 May

Book Launch - Peoples' Tribunals and International Law

Hon. Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG gives the keynote speech at the launch of Peoples' Tribunals and International Law, the first book to analyse how civil society tribunals implement and develop international law. More

3 May

The Price of Gold - Special Opening Event

Photographer Thom Pierce discusses The Price of Gold, an exhibition showing portraits of mineworkers who had contracted silicosis and tuberculosis, involved in South Africa's largest ever class action. More

9 Apr

Rights in the Philippines: Karen Gomez-Dumpit

Philippines Human Rights Commissioner Karen Gomez-Dumpit talks about the what the human rights community is doing to respond to challenges, continue upholding the rule of law and protect the human rights of all. More

3 Apr

Russia state secrets and Australia’s foreign interference bills

Ivan Pavlov (lawyer and activist in Russia), Rachel Denber (Human Rights Watch) discuss human rights issues facing contemporary Russia, with Dr Aruna Sathanapally (Sydney Director, Human Rights Law Centre). More

26 Mar

Responsibility Rising from the Rubble: Judith Levine

The Permanent Court of Arbitration's Judith Levine speaks on how the Bangladesh Accord arbitrations mark a turning point for Business and Human Rights disputes. More

22 Mar

Australian Human Rights Institute Annual Lecture: Benyam Dawit Mezmur

Professor Benyam Dawit Mezmur reflects on the relevance and potential limits of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with the complicated realities of the 21st Century. More

13 Mar

Australian Human Rights Institute Launch

ABC broadcaster Fran Kelly, actor and voice for marriage equality Magda Szubanski and hip-hop artist L-FRESH the LION join the celebration of the Australian Human Rights Institute launch. More