There are currently 80 Institute Associates from across UNSW faculties and partner institutions.

The benefits of becoming an Institute Associate include:

  • Funding opportunities (seed funding, small grants)
  • Student support for research projects (volunteers organised via the Institute)
  • Administrative support, including assisting with events and advice on finance and HR matters
  • Office space and hot-desking support
  • Communications support and promotion via the Institute’s social media channels, newsletters, mailing lists and broad networks
  • The opportunity to work with leading human rights researchers and educators in the development of your work.

Applications to become an Associate of the Institute will be accepted on a rolling basis. Associates must be UNSW academics (including those at affiliated research institutes), or UNSW PhD students. 

Current associates

Dr Sally Baker
Dr Jonathan Bonnitcha
Dr Srinjoy Bose
Dr Bruce Bradbury
Professor Jan Breckenridge
Emeritus Professor Andrew Byrnes
Dr Allison Carter
Associate Professor Emma Christopher
Dr Andrew Dansie 
Dr Kerryn Drysdale
Emeritus Professor Andrea Durbach
Associate Professor Caroline Ford 
Dr Natalie Galea
Dr Lydia Gitau 
Dr Natasha Ginnivan
Associate Professor Donna Green
Dr Penny Griffin
Associate Professor Ben Golder
Associate Professor Fiona Anne Haigh
Dr Bridget Haire
Dr Anikó Hatoss
Dr Maree Higgins
Dr Joel Hoffman
Dr Jane Ye In Hwang
Professor Fleur Johns
Dr Daniel Joyce 
Dr Andy Kaladelfos
Associate Professor Ann Kayis-Kumar
Associate Professor Mira Kim
Professor Jackie Leach Scully
Ebony Lewis
Professor Lucas Lixinski
Dr Angelica Ly
Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen
Gillian Moon
Associate Professor Christy Newman
John Page
Sam Pedram
Dr Noam Peleg
Associate Professor Michael Alan Salter
Dr Janani Shanthosh
Dr Lana Tatour 
Scientia Professor Carla Treloar
Professor Julian Troller
Scientia Professor Toby Walsh
Dr Amy Vassallo
Dr Janelle Weise
Associate Professor Jessica Whyte
Professor Sarah Williams
Associate Professor Fengshi Wu
Dr Sophie Yates
Dr Monika Zalnieriute 
Professor Anthony Zwi

Sandra Amankaviciute
Caitlin Biddolph
Katharine Booth
Kate Burry
Ayla do Vale Alves
Nikki Dryden
Tatiana Fernandez-Maya
Nana Frishling
Danilo Sanchez Furlanetto
Maria George
Laura Hallam
Maddie Heenan
Allison Henry
Justin Jos Poonjatt
Angela Kintominas
Rebecca Moran 
Bruno Pegorari
Linda Romanovska
Andy Symington
Suzanne Varall
Oxana Wolfson
Iana Wong

Seed funding and small grants

Seed funding

The recipients of the 2021 Seed Funding Round were announced on October 1, 2021. A full list of the chosen projects is available here.

UNSW academic staff who have had their applications approved to become an Australian Human Rights Institute Associate are eligible each year to apply for seed funding grants in the range of $5,000-$10,000. 

The Institute has identified three priority research areas – business, gender and health – but we welcome all seed funding applications that have a human rights focus.

Small Funding Scheme

The Small Funding Scheme offers grants in the range of $500-$2,000 max. to Institute Associates.

Associates can submit more than one request for more than one project, however the maximum total amount approved per Associate under this Scheme is $2,000.   

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For the 2021 period, applications will be accepted up until 1 December 2021.

Application forms are available here.

Associates in the news