Project 5: A weekend for every worker is a research project by the Australian Human Rights Institute, funded by Roberts Pizzarotti and the health facilities construction arm of the NSW Government Health Infrastructure.

The project aims to measure how workplace wellbeing interventions, such as a compressed five-day working week with no weekend work impacts the wellbeing of construction workers and their families.

Why are we doing this research?

Every second day in Australia a construction worker takes their own life.

Mates in Construction tell us that a young construction worker is 10 times more likely to die by suicide than die from a workplace accident on a construction site. Yet, we have little understanding of how existing construction work practices impact the health and wellbeing of construction workers and their families.

This research aims to demonstrate what impact different work practices have on the wellbeing and mental health of the construction workforce. It will measure the effect of a five day work week on the wellbeing of construction workers. It will also test the economic viability of a five day work week by producing a cost benefit analysis of the project.

Who are we?

This project is being conducted by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the UNSW Sydney, including:

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