The Institute’s project on the 'Human rights of older persons: International and national dimensions' engages with current issues relating to the human rights of older persons or human rights in older age.

On an international level the momentum to better ensure the human rights of older persons has increased in recent years, reflecting in part the ageing of populations around the world. It has been argued that the United Nations should adopt a new international UN treaty on the human rights of older persons or in older age.

At the national level in Australia there has also been growing concern about issues such as elder abuse, the inadequacies of the aged care system, and discrimination in employment. While it has affected different groups, the impact on older persons from the COVID-19 pandemic (and social responses to it) have added new urgency to the need to address ageism and structural discrimination against older persons in our society.

A major focus of the project is the exploration of the adequacy of the protection and enjoyment of the human rights by older persons or in older age at the international and national levels, as well as the identification of legal, policy and other strategies for improving the current situation. The project closely follows and contributes to discussions about the desirability and content of a new international treaty on the human rights of older persons. However, the project is open to exploration of other topics relating to human rights and ageing, and welcomes approaches by academic colleagues or students who wish to undertake research or other activities in the area of human rights and ageing, as well as by non-government organisations working in the field of ageing and human rights. 

Research team

Emeritus Professor Andrew Byrnes (Project Director)

Refereed journal articles and book chapters

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Other reports or papers

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Other activities

Andrew Byrnes