(2022) Collaboration with UNDP, Bangkok

The Institute developed a business and human rights curriculum and training for national human rights institutions (NHRIs) in South and South-East Asia, in collaboration with the UNDP, Bangkok. Human rights defenders are vital to ensuring corporate respect for human rights and accountability and this program aims to strengthen the capacity of NHRIs to identify risks and facilitate access to remedy for business-related human rights abuses.

(2021) Strategic advice for UNICEF, Geneva

Business activities can interact with and impact children at the different stages of the supply chain from production to processing to retail. Working with UNICEF, the Institute provided an ‘Analysis of Business Engagement in Relation to UNICEF’s Programmatic Priorities and Programme Acceleration Areas’ with a deep dive into the food and beverage sector. Children may be involved in the workplace in the industry either directly or indirectly (via their care givers) and impacted by poor working conditions and lax environmental standards, and such conditions may also impact their access to education. The nutritional and health needs of children are directly related to the increasing trend of the production, marketing and consumption of ultra-processed foods.

(2020) Strategic advice for UNICEF - Child Rights and Business, Geneva

Key to designing policies that are consistent with human rights, is to first ensure a good understanding of the regulatory and economic system in which organisations such as UNICEF operate. Our advice, ‘Understanding Business: A Report for UNICEF on Basic Business Practice and the Business Ecosystem’ provided a summary of key macro and micro-economic aspects and developments, and described the ways in which these factors influence business decision-making. The report outlined regulatory landscape in which business operates including how key national, international and supranational institutions set standards for acceptable business practices. The report provided key analysis of current debates and trends that address the social impact of business.

(2019) Collaboration with the Diplomacy Training Program, Sydney and UNOHCHR, Fiji

This training program was aimed at building the capacity of human rights defenders in the Pacific to better understand and address business and human rights issues in their region. Working with the Diplomacy Training Program and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Fiji, the Institute delivered a five-day, in-person training program for civil society in Fiji on business and human rights and sustainability.