Accountability in crisis: the rise of impunity as a challenge to human rights

11-12 October 2023

On 11-12 October 2023, the Australian Human Rights Institute at UNSW Sydney  hosted its biennial conference, Accountability in crisis: the rise of impunity as a challenge to human rights.

It brought together academics, journalists, politicians, activists, and business leaders to explore how a global pandemic, climate change, armed conflict and economic instability have triggered a parallel erosion of human rights and declining trust in democratic institutions.It will also consider how government, business, media and civil society operate to both undermine and bolster accountability.

The conference also included an academic workshop. 

Session 1: The rise of impunity as a challenge to democracy

Session 2: The decline of accountability and the erosion of rights

Session 3: Restoring public trust in democratic institutions and reinforcing rights

Conference sessions

Wednesday, 11 October 2023
11am - 12pm (AEDT)

This session featured human rights practitioners, media and business representatives examining the decline of accountability and the methods employed to protect human rights both in Australia and internationally.


Larissa Baldwin-Roberts, Justine Nolan, Brynn O’Brien, Lizzie O’Shea, Siobhan Toohill, Christopher Warren.

UNSW Council Chambers, Kensington
Thursday 12 October
3pm - 5pm (AEDT)

The workshop examined the topics of accountability, impunity, and the protection of human rights by focusing not only on how governments are held to account by various sectors, but also on how these actors  business, traditional and new media, emerging technologies, civil society and rights holders – approach the challenges of accountability and the implications of impunity. 


Rawan Arraf, Jolyon Ford, Allison Henry, Loro Horta, Ben Newell.