On Guard to monitor the human rights dimensions of COVID-19

A new online portal and weekly newsletter will monitor the human rights impacts of COVID-19.
Photo: Brian McGowan/Unsplash

The Australian Human Rights Institute will curate a new weekly newsletter called "On Guard" which monitors the human rights dimensions of COVID-19.

On Guard takes its inspiration from the idea that human rights are both a shield and a sword to protect the dignity of all people. Protecting human rights requires more vigilance than ever in a time of crises.

The content for On Guard will be drawn from a new online portal that the Australian Human Rights Institute will create to contribute to the protection of human rights at this time.

The online portal will share news, reflections, and policy advances on COVID-19 across the human rights spectrum.

As we are all witnessing, the scale and severity of this pandemic is having indiscriminate effects on global social, economic and political structures.

Having an overview of the pandemics’ trajectory and its human rights impacts is crucial in keeping governments and businesses accountable during these unprecedented times. It is also important to keep a record of the disparities and deficiencies that emerge, as this will inform better practices and response mechanisms for the future.

To receive this weekly newsletter, and to receive a notification when the portal is live, subscribe here.

To contribute to the portal, send relevant sources to innovaterights@unsw.edu.au with the subject "COVID-19".

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