Vaccine passports to freedom? Balancing rights and responsibilities during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches well into its second year, Australia finds itself at an inflection point: how best to manage the pandemic, map a way out of it and ensure such responses are consistent with human rights.

An expert panel of health, human rights and legal scholars explored how to balance rights and responsibilities amidst COVID-19, including issues such as vaccine inequity, mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports, lockdowns, quarantine, and the role of local and international institutions in shaping these responses.


  • Scientia Professor Greg Dore - Kirby Institute, UNSW and infectious diseases physician
  • Professor Sarah Joseph - Griffith Law School and Law Futures Centre
  • Scientia Professor George Williams AO - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Planning and Assurance, and Anthony Mason Professor, UNSW
  • Professor Sarah Williams - UNSW Law & Justice


Professor Justine Nolan - Director, Australian Human Rights Institute, UNSW