Megan Davis | Craig Foster | Nyadol Nyuon | George Williams

As we approach the coronation of King Charles III, many Australians are reflecting on our relationship with the Crown and what it means for our country's future. Australia is a very different country now than it was 100 years ago, and the idea of a monarchy resonates differently today for our vast multicultural population. 

A hushed conversation has been stirring for some decades now, but since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II it’s reached fever pitch – orbiting the central question: what is Australia’s national identity? As our government strives to be more progressive, how can we reconcile the complex relationship between the Crown and Indigenous Australians, and the impact of colonisation on the ongoing struggle for recognition and reconciliation. 

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking conversation with Craig Foster, former Socceroo and Co-Chair of the Australian Republic Movement, Megan Davis, Cobble Cobble woman and Pro Vice-Chancellor Society at UNSW Sydney, and Nyadol Nyuon, Director of the Sir Zelman Cowan Centre at Victoria University, in a lively panel discussion hosted by constitutional expert and UNSW’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, George Williams. Together they will explore the benefits and challenges of severing ties with the Crown, the role of the Commonwealth in Australia's future, and what steps we can take to make this a reality.  

Please note Megan Davis will be joining via video, with all other panellists live in venue.

This event is presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas and the Australian Human Rights Institute.