Australian Journal of Human Rights

Australian Journal of Human Rights

Established in 1991, the Australian Journal of Human Rights (AJHR) is Australia’s first peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to human rights development in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. The journal aims to raise awareness of human rights issues by providing a forum for scholarship and discussion.

The AJHR examines legal aspects of human rights, along with associated philosophical, historical, economic and political considerations, across a range of issues, including aboriginal ownership of land, racial discrimination and vilification, human rights in the criminal justice system, children’s rights, homelessness, immigration, asylum and detention, corporate accountability, disability standards and free speech.

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Editorial Board

The Australian Journal of Human Rights is published by the Australian Human Rights Institute and Taylor & Francis. Please contact us with ideas for future editions and collaborations.

Managing Editor
Caitlin Hamilton: +612 9385 1196

Editorial Committee
Andrew Byrnes (UNSW)
Danielle Celermajer (University of Sydney)
Louise Chappell (UNSW)
Andrea Durbach (UNSW)
Ben Golder (UNSW)              

Executive Editors
Justine Nolan (UNSW)
Melanie Schwartz (UNSW)

Advisory Board                 
Christina Binder (University of Vienna)
Malcolm Langford (University of Oslo)
Kelley Loper (University of Hong Kong)

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