Security in old age for single older women without children

Little is known about the financial circumstances of single older women who do not have children, including women who are divorced, widowed, or never partnered. With the proportion of these women in the Australian population growing, research on barriers to their security in old age is pertinent.

The project sets out to explore the factors shaping the capacity of non-parent single women to accumulate savings and assets over time, something that is essential for financial security and wellbeing in retirement. It will take a life-course approach, exploring the way in which factors at the individual and wider social and policy levels interact over time. While a small body of research suggests that women and men have different approaches to financial planning and advice, information on approaches for these women is limited.

Evidence from this project will inform the work of the financial services sector in supporting these women to navigate the tax/transfer, housing and superannuation systems and in policy advocacy on improving women's financial security in old age. It is a significant project for policy and the financial services sector.

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Security in old age for older single women without children (November 2020)

Media release: Why single, older women without children face economic insecurity (30 November 2020)