LGBT+ Workers in the Australian Construction Sector

The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) is undertaking research to identify the barriers and opportunities to recruitment, retention and progression of LGBT+ professionals and tradespeople in the Australian construction sector.

The research aims to map out interventions that build inclusivity of LGBT+ workers within the sector.


Thank you to everyone who registered an interest in participating in this research. Registrations have now closed. The research findings will be published on this website in early 2021.


Why are we doing this research?

The construction sector is Australia’s third largest employer with projected employment growth in the future. Despite its prominence, the construction sector faces a skills shortage. It also remains Australia’s most male dominated sector.

While research has focused on why women’s participation in the construction sector has tracked backwards in the last decade, there is little understanding of the experiences of LGBT+ workers in the sector.

Investigating LGBT+ experiences in the sector is important for understanding, and then building and implementing strategies to promote inclusion and protect LGBT+ rights at work.


Who is conducting this research?

The study is being carried out by the following researchers:

Dr Natalie Galea, Australian Human Rights Institute, Law Faculty

Dr Melissa Jardine, Australian Human Rights Institute, Law Faculty


How will I find out the results of the research?

The research team will publish results here and share the findings and recommendations widely within the construction sector.


Who has access to my information and where is it stored?

Your data will be strictly confidential and only accessible by members of the UNSW Sydney research team.

All data collected will be stored securely on databases held at UNSW Sydney. The data will be securely and confidentially stored for a period of 5 years after the first publication before being destroyed.


More information

To contact the research team, email:


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