Identifying Supply Chain Best Practice in ASX Top 100 Companies

This survey is part of a project on 'Regulating Transparency and Disclosures on Modern Slavery in Global Supply Chains'.

The aim of this research is to:

  • identify corporate drivers for human rights due diligence and legislative compliance related to modern slavery disclosure;
  • understand corporate perceptions of human rights best practice in supply chains; and
  • explore links between corporate supply chain transparency and accountability and better human rights outcomes.

The research is being conducted by A/Prof Justine Nolan (UNSW Sydney), A/Prof Jo Ford (ANU) and Prof Aziz Islam (University of Aberdeen). The research is funded by CPA Australia.

The research outcomes will inform policy and practice on regulating human rights standards in global supply chains. It will provide both scholarly innovations and practical impacts for decision making. The research will advance knowledge in relation to supply chain regulation and provide the Australian government, companies and the profession with specific policy advice on best practices in due diligence and reporting in Australia.

This is a timely policy issues that remains under-researched. Despite what is known about serious human rights issues in some business sectors including modern slavery, little work has been done to identify whether the new corporate disclosure models work, or how best to design or improve regulatory responses.

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