The Australian Human Rights Institute invites all UNSW Sydney and Canberra staff who share a commitment to enhancing human rights through research and education to become an Associate of the Australian Human Rights Institute.

We are currently developing projects with colleagues in every faculty, in the areas of modern slavery, construction and human rights, sport and human rights, gender violence including via digital platforms, and health and human rights, just to mention a few areas.

Whether you're working in these specific areas from a human rights or another perspective, or are doing other important human rights research, we're very keen to hear from you.
Staff from all Faculties can become Associates of the Institute, and will receive:

  • support to host workshops and events 
  • inclusion in a searchable database of staff on the Institute’s website 
  • opportunities to connect researchers with each other, with external organisations, and with media and impact opportunities

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Australian Human Rights Institute Associates Database

Australian Human Rights Institute Associates share a commitment to enhancing human rights though their research and education.
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